i dont think i have posted on this forum before, hello.

basically i have 2 guitars an epiphone SG in red and a Squier Strat.

I have one small question about the SG.

when i stand up and use a strap the neck seems so heavy that the guitar points to the floor. is this normal?? the strat seems to stay wherever i put it and seems more balanced.

if this is normal for an SG are thare any tips that other owners have for improving the balance?

yeah that's the nature of SG's, hav a Gibson Standard myself and a good tip is to put a small square of velcro at the back of the strap, around where your shoulder would be. this'll stop the guitar pulling down.

or use a velvet strap which has very little movement.
I have a Gibson SG Standard and it doesn't do that. I guess you could say that it all depends on the pieces of wood, sometimes the neck is heavier than the body, this mostly occurs in V type guitars. If this is happening just add a little weight to the other end, like on your strap. But for the record, it is not common for Gibson SG's to lean like that.

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yeh i have a Gibson SG st and some times it does.. but i mean, it shouldnt really be a problem as you should be playing it :P
i have a gibson sg standard and it doesnt do that


my epiphone sg does

The body on SGs is a lot lighter than on Les Pauls, but they have the same type of neck. It doesn't make a big difference when you're actually playing it because you're obviously holding the neck then, but it's something to remember before you go to change your EQ or something.
get a nice wide strap, and it should stop it taking a dive every time you let go. it stopped mine.
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