Do you feel the anger? Do you feel the fear?
Your life has changed, You lost control of it all
People around you, They look away
You sit back and watch, Yet you don't know what's on

Mistakes is all what they are, You have no idea
You ponder as you see, See the things to be
You make no effort to hault them, Feel the guilt
It stabs you in the eyes, you feel the cold run down your face
Punish me! you cry, Punish me I don't deserve mercy
You sit alone now, Alone in infinite
not bad

make it longer, unless you want it to be sort of an intstrumental with some lyrics in it

Anger and Fear sounds good
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Okay... I'll see if I can change the name, but i called it feelings because it is what they are. Those things are what we feel but don't realise or know.
I think 'Punish Me' would be a good name or 'Things to Be' but anger and fear is also good

i dont like the end of the 1st part (...dont know whats on) i ge what your saying but it's not good wording
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Yeas, they might not rhyme much or anything because this is actually a prose, rather than song lyrics. Song lyrics tend to have rhymes, But it doesn't mean you can't use a prose for lyrics.
idk what a prose is
someone explain that
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a prose is like poetry, without all the rules. It's not as formal as poetry, It's more like a speech.

I really can't explain it well, but thats a simple way to put it.
This was really good, I agree with mostly everyone else to change the name to something more suiting like "A Punishing Cry"
actually that line "mistakes is all what they are" sounds kinda weird did u mean to mistakes are all or that instead of what. idk that line is weird