My head is itching
My body's twitching
To the relentless sound of possibly nothing
And all these leaves, they scare me
As they fall, never planning to return

As it drags i'm forgetting
All these dreams will need reclaiming
And I know all my skin will dry but now I can wait

And i saw a raindrop's face
As it was falling
All contorted it's mouth move and bled
That up there it was scared but it'd much rather stay safe
And wait for the end to come in so silently
For the night to just drag him away

I'm not scared
I'm so much more than that
I can't just sit around and wait
For some compromising death

They all promise of a better place
Well I just hope there will be someone to take my blame
I'll cross my fingers and hope to die
Hope the knots dont get so uptight
I'll forget all the moments I should regret
All the daydreams and smiles I didnt expect
Yea and when the rain comes in and all the leaves fall out
I just hope I'll be around

Just somewhere