yes of course
tell me if you have some particulare preferences (some kind of amps, some effects) or if you prefer a long mp3 with variuos patch (i will then write down the order of patches)
here i am.
so this a sample with various rectifier with various settings and cabinets (without effects) and in the end there is some flanger, and a clean with reverb
sorry because i recorded it a bit loud. if you are not satisfied i can record it again
http://www.uppo.it/download.php?file=05cfc92c454231589c614e5fedd09d9b (click download)

theh these are some effects the pod can do (but not all)
http://www.uppo.it/download.php?file=f84c10daec46b4519f238c9125bc15b3 (click download)

there is chorus (with a bit much crunch), flanger, delay, swell, a very repeated delay, and then the compressor
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Was that a kazoo on the first track?
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