OK, rumours have been flying around about this song for far too long, I think that all of us at UG should get to the bottom of Bohemian Rhapsody once and for all.

As far as I know rumours include, that it was about a man on death row calling for a release to a jury and as ''Bissmillah'' literally translates as ''In the name of Allah'' or ''In the name of God'' he is a religious man who knows he has done wrong and wants pardoning. Another rumour is that it reflects the bands metal problems which I find highly unlikely but a possibility I suppose. Finally, it may not have a meaning, it may be the case that Freddie wrote it for people like me to question over and make up a meaning by myself...

I have also found out that Scaramouche is from the novel and play with the same title published in 1921 by Rafael Sabatini and the play was by Barbara Field it is a romantic adventure and tells the story of a young aristocrat during the French Revolution. Scaramouche is also the name of a suite for two pianos written by the French composer Darius Milhaud. Finally, and slightly more colloquially Scaramouche is a character in Punch and Judy (the puppet show), he is the owner of the dog who, when hit, has his head fall off, thus giving the name Scaramouche to the type of puppet with an extendable neck.

The fandango is a form of flamenco music with spanish origins. There are two main types of fandango, the fandango grandes which is danced by couples and starts very slow and gradually gets faster and faster (much like Bohemian Rhapsody) and also the fandanguillos which are much livelier.

Beelzebub, as well as being an alternate name for Satan or the Devil in Christian texts was also a god worshipped in the Philistine city of Ekron, Baal Zebul, Beelzebub. The Devil, although seen as the creature of hell with horns and a tail etc. is no such thing, I cannot go into detail as it would take too long but he was an angel or a very high order and did the bidding of God.

Anyway, thats all my background research, now make up your own mind...