Was thinking about picking up a Behringer Hellbabe Wah. I don't need it for a band or live situation. I will most likely just be using it at home and learning how to use a Wah. I have no experience with one and would like to learn it.

How would this pedal be for learning Wah?

It only costs $30 new so I can't lose that much money. I don't have the money for a more expenive one.
I think it's crap.

From what I know, this pedal has a spring and it turns itself off when you take your foot off, so you can't do clapton and satriani-style "fixed wah" sounds.

Apart from that, it just doesn't sound that good.
Yeah I have one, it sounds so crap.
its better to save money so you get a good quality one that sounds good.
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not a great wah pedal by any means....but for learning it then you really cant go wrong, and even just having any wah is nice but i still wouldnt recommend it....other behringer products i have (acoustic modelor, LX112, Tube Overdrive) are decent for recording and low volumes, but i would never use them live.......but with the nice setup that you have, i would think you should save up your money and get a decent one to compliment your gear IMO
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I think that I will save up and maybe pick up a Vox Wah. I have pretty much everything that I need in terms of major gear(guitars and amps). I am now going to build up my pedals. The only pedal that I currently have is a Boss SD-1. The pedals I am going to get are most likely a delay, equalizer and then maybe a big muff or something. Just a few. I like to use as little effects as possible. I was thinking about just getting the Wah for fun.

Well thanks for helping. I am going to steer clear of this Wah.