I see you sang it through one of those charity shop mics.

Ah well, sing if YOU want.
I didn't really like it, to me it sounded to forced, like your trying to sound like Phil almost and not singing it with YOUR voice, also you don't have a lot of volume control, you're yelling to hit some notes and then your volume sinks to hit other notes. But as long as you're having fun do it man, my voice sucks for anything other than death metal but I'll still bust out some vox of other types even though I know I stink , as long as you're having fun that's what it's all about.
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Hah, I had this song playing when I started looking through the recordings section.

Did you play the guitars?

Yeah the vocals sounded quite forced. It didn't sound like you made it your own. This is a hard song to sing though, I struggle with some parts. Overall I guess it wasn't too bad, wasn't the greatest though. Look at CodySG's crit, it makes the most sense.
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