if you write lyrics, whats the best way to put music to them? if there is one...
i've often wondered that too, theres most likely so many ways to go at it..wat my band does is like when the singer has lyrics chosen for a song, and we have the musical gist created we just play it over and over while he tries to figure out a melody and what not in his head, then he'll show us what he gets and we all give input and what not
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i would do that but for right now im working solo...dont have a band, lol. but what ive tried before is to record stuff from the guitar and try to put the words to it...doesnt work too well let me tell you...
Try to find the rhythm of the lyrics. Read them and listen for stressed and unstressed syllables. Then build your musical rhythm and melody around that.
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if you write lyrics before hand, its going to seem nearly impossible to write the music after. But the trick is when you already wrote your lyrics, write the music, then change the lyrics as much as u need to so that it fits into the music. Like it sucks if you already had some great lines going, but i figure its the only way.
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I write the music and the lyrics together usually :\
I'm weird like that though.
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