You can move this to punk if you want but in the past whatever I put in there gets moved along with cries of 'they're not punk enough' or 'real punk is dead' yada yada.

But I just saw ADVII live in Bridgend at Collision Course this weekend and they stole the show for me. They're all about unity and sticking together no matter how many stupid things happen in the world, and the singer was so focussed on getting everyone dancing. He actually took his mic around the barrier and into the crowd (not a big crowd, granted) and sang down there, getting everyone going. Some really catchy but not obvious guitar parts too.

Just wanted to know what people thought of them. Similar sort of proposition to Capdown, but less serious, and a bit heavier than the likes of Reel Big Fish, etc. Pretty bloody good.
^^ Seconded, they're a great live act =D
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I have Jaimz' utmost respect and BlackLuster wishes that there were more people like me in the world!
If you like Adequate 7 you should check out Howards Alias...another great British Ska/Punk band.
Howards Alias are also good, but I've not heard any of their stuff in a few months. Think I have some on my mp3 player, so I will track that down.

Back on the subject of ADVII, yes I agree. Great live act, loved the energy. Quite a funny bunch too.

"If my Italian aunts and uncles knew that not only was I missing the World Cup final, but that there's only three people dancing, I'd be disowned"

"I'll go back to Italy on Tuesday and my family will be like 'Did you see the football?'...and I'll be like 'No Mum...I was rockin' Bridgend!"

Made me laugh. Perhaps funnier at the time.