this is of 2 parts, and i think this 1st one really needs revisions. i can't make a song out of it, dammit, with one old guitar and a broken string, what would you expect? so well, i guess this is more of a poem.

To Hell and Gone: ultima Thule, ne plus ultra

Whispers spread the rumor of the whole truth
So I took a glance past my shoulder
And saw a blank phiz beside you
But I met your eyes for a nick of a second
And they didn't notice, they didn't notice.

Trying not to make it stand out like a sore thumb
A green-eyed monster in the person of Paul Pry
And when I took another glimpse
You were a solitary view.

I'll pretend you're just a notch somewhere
So I won't get the scheming scrutiny
And maybe find something interesting around
So I could steal a 20-20 of you in a peripheral peep
How I wish I were sentient to comprehend
Do you have that lump in the throat too?

The night's got me rarefied; let's float in the cold air
Like the deafening bass throbs every beat on my chest
Then I'll think of paradoxical ways to get into you.

Come, let's wrap ourselves with a little paraffin
Maybe then we could talk in the rain when no one could hear
So we won't make an eclat.

Just a 30-degree angle and everything's easy on the eyes
But I am yellow as the blue in green is gone.
So stay on your corner and I'll stay on the edge
Then let me find myself in the abyssal prarie
And leave me there, leave me there.