Hey there! This is a new song...I made a few hours ago. Hope you like it....maybe it resembles you on my song Just Decay but make your own opinion. Enjoy it!

here's the link


if you reply to my thread link me yours and I'll crit it!!
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ehh, this is all a great idea..I mean, I can tell you had some good thoughts when composing this one, but it's not at all mixed well. The lead is really off.

The more I continue to listen to this though, I'm wondering if that is the style that you are going for, because it's slightly growing on me a bit. I don't know..it's not a genre I'm familiar with so, I really can't give you too much advice, etc.
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hahaha its good, if you listen too it with headphones it gives some phsyco-acoustic effects of anxiety, but i can't help feeling that youv'e cheated and used samples already made, or even worse you have no idea about samples and you've found some piss easy program to do a lot of the composing work for you. thts just my opinion anyway, plz tell me what program and plug-ins you used to create this?
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I really like this. I had only 1 had only problem with it though (I even listend to Just Decay and I have the same problem). I can't understand a word you where saying, I understand you wanted a spooky effect on your voice, but I feel that effect just didn't work with it, like it almost ruined the song for me. Or maybe your mouth is too close to the mic, sometimes it would be clear but I still can't understand you. On a side note, I can't help but say your voice sounds A LOT like Connor Oberst from Bright Eyes. Heh

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All i used is a microphone....and some things like pencils which i've let fallen down in front of the microphone. e.g. I'll take a bottleneck and let it fall down in front of the microphone ( I took alot of other things than just a bottleneck of course). Then i put a effect on the whole track like delay and that was it.
Yeah this is good, you have good quality recording and good tone, but things are a little spread and you should tighten up the tracks if your gunna re-record it, maybe make the vocals a little clearer. But its def a unique sound and thats good, keep up the good work!
i didnt like it. it was too dissonant and unsynced for me. it was also repetitive. the song didnt actually go anywhere. it kinda started then finished in the same area. what i would like to hear is a progression, or transition during the song, so we have a distinct beginning, middle and then a conclusion at the end. also make sure not too much stuff is happeneing at once or the listener gets confused

i hope some of the comments were useful to you, i would like some raw critism on this song please, no sugar coated comments
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I keep trying to listen to your song but every time I click on the link it says "an unexpected error occurred". I'll keep trying though.

Thanks for the crit.
It's okay. It sounds like it was fun to make, but to me, that fun doesn't translate to the listener. Directionless, with no peaks or valleys. The actual guitar playing was the best part, but it was lost in an avalanche of sound effects.