I currently own a Peavey Bandit 112 and play in a punk/hardcore band that gigs fairly frequently and I know that a combo amp on stage just doesn?t cut it so I have been forced to borrow amps from music shops and friends to play gigs for the past year and a bit. As I only have a part time job (and recently spent my money on a ESP MH400NT instead of buying a quad and head) money is quite scarce but I have been thinking about saving enough money to just buy a quad box (probably a PEAVEY Triple XXX 412 Slant) and running my combo through the box for a little more oomph. I had a little fiddle with my friend?s quad at band practice tonight and it works if I run the box at 8 Ohms.

So I was wondering
1. Is this ok for my amp?
2. Does this sound ok?
3. Is this going to look ridiculous?
4. Can anybody suggest another quad that sounds better?
5. Did i make lots of spelling mistakes in this post?

Any help would be much appreciated.
I'm wondering where you're playing that the Bandit isn't "cutting" it. But anyway.

As long as you match the speaker ohms it'll be fine. Sound wise, you tell me, does it sound good to you?
A better cab? Have a browse round some shops, take your amp and habe a little test. I'm a big fan of the Mesa cabs personally, pricey but sound great and last a lifetime.
Thanks man, i like the mesa's too but a little outta my price range for now.

Quote by TedZilla
I'm wondering where you're playing that the Bandit isn't "cutting" it. But anyway.

it sounds great, but im not getting enough level from it on stage, expecially when it has to compete with drums and bass. Like i always say 4 speakers are better than 1.*

*note i might not always say that
Mic the amp. End of story.
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