i'm looking for a stratocaster thar is versatile. i'm want a sweet and clean sound for blues and jazz but i also want one that gives me a good crunch...

well, which strat should i pick?

do i have a more versatile strat with one hum and two single-coils than with 3 single-coils?

and what are the characteristics of maple, ash, alder, mahogany, etc in both neck and body?

and what the hell is a fat strat?

oh, i forgot to mention that i want a tremolo bridge guitar

PS: i'm a nOOb

EDIT: and what is the diference between a highway strat and a "normal" strat?

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a fat strat is a normal stratocaster with a humbucker instead of a single coil in the bridge position...
you can't get more versatile than with a fat strat, it will cover your styles without any problem.
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you would want a fat strat with a pickup swap for sure.

is the pickup swap a switch? don't all strat have that?
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No, he means get a better, aftermarket pickup. The stock pickups on Fat Strats are notoriously weak.
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Oh, btw, as far as how certain woods sound in certain applications, no better resource than www.warmoth.com Go to guitars --> bodies --> body wood descriptions, and they have the same for necks.

And there is no appreciable difference between a Highway Strat and a Standard Strat other than the Highway Strats are made in Mexico but assembled in the US. And they're painted with a flat ("satin") finish.
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Still the Highway 1 is not worth it, for teh same price you cna geta MIM Classic, which are great.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound