either im not pressing hard enugh, but when i play my guitar without the amp or pedal or anything, im pressing the strings down hard on the frets, but they give off a ****ty buzzing sound, and its the same if i play chords or power chords. is there sumthin wrong with my strings? or do i still need better calus's on my fingers. (sry i cant spell calus's)
Your action is probably to low.
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You are pressing in the wrong place,
you are picking the strings in an incorrect manner
There is something wrong with the guitar neck, bridge, nut or setup.

Any chance you could head to the local music shop to get it checked out?
umm... probably your guitar. check the frets and see if they need to be cleaned. You could try new strings if they are old and this is a new development. otherwise, you need to check intotation which there are plenty of threads about else where.
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