Ookay, so i was looking around my local second hand shop, see soem guitars amps..i see marhsall and im thinking "ugh, probably an MG" but no = it says valvestate o.O
havent heard of this...

I had a quick look aroudn the forums, found a few threads but, i want some more detailed opinions.

Is it a good amp? for metal, classic rock, blues,jazz,..everythign really, i've heard its versitile, and ..a hybrid amp :S? and wiull it compare to my current line 9 spider (210) which in fairness, i use for ze metal/insane channels.

also, it's £139...but i'm sure i can get him to 130...or 135...very least 138 =p

Plus...if i get it and want to sell it off in future, will i get my money back etc?.

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I have a Marshall Valvestate 100watt, and it´s not the best on the market, but hey, the price is right...However, I´ve tried out the 80watt model and to my opinion it sounded better than my own 100watt. If you like the sound, £139 is not a bad price to pay for it.(I´d buy it, if I had the money )
ooh. mhm. cool, i had a play on it before but GAH, it sounded bad :/ kinda beat up by soudns of it...plus the distortion definatly needed a peddal, sniff. unless it was that bad because of its condtion..
If it's the VS-8080, then its a predecessor to today's AVT, only it sounds better. The VS8080 is pretty much regarded as the best solid state (ok, hybrid) amp Marshall ever made. A band that I work with (they record in my studio) use 2 of these and they do sound not bad compared to any other non-tube Marshall out there.

Just a tip Craig, it possibly needs a new preamp tube. When I first met the aforementioned guys a couple of years ago, one amp sounded like ****. He brought it in for service, which included a preamp tube change, and the amp sounded much better afterwards.
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