Has anyone on this forum done busking in the past?
Me and a friend were thinking about giving it a go this summer, we're 2 guitarists of a pretty high standard and we'd probably play bluesy and jazzy stuff.
Do you think we'd get more money from playing more popular tunes though? The idea was mainly for the experience of playing in front of some (moving) people and to have a bit of fun really in an uneventful 6 weeks holiday..
Thanks in advance
Thats a great idea but be careful there are some places its illegal.

Busking is playing music of some kind in public. Basically its begging with a guitar, and heartily welcome.
hehe, i did buskin at mi school, got about 20p

when im in london underground and see people buskin i dont care what theyre playing, i just give em some coins, but i saw this one guy in a camden (if ure english ull know) and he was gathering this huge crowd coz he was playing hendrix, was amzing, so if u can do some hendrix in camden u will see lots of people, but i doubt ure from england :S

but theres an idea
Yeah I know what you mean by the illegal comment, I know in some areas you need a license. But I'll research it beforehand and find out where we could go, and if we did need a license how we could get one
Oh yea, people always give money when they hear a song they know.
I looked up Busking on Wikipedia and I got this sweet pic:

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Ahhhh I adore buskers! I'm not skilled enough to do it myself otherwise I would. You'll probably have to get a license and whatnot. But yeah in my opinion I think it would be a good idea to play a mix of the more popular tunes that maybe the audience could sing along to or just enjoy because it's familiar and also some of your own stuff. It's good to have variety.
cool......... in leicester were i llive, in town they do that. no hendrix though just slow jazz
im from leicester too... wow isnt it a small world..... yeah some guy does it with a violin outside boots all the time
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Well I also play trumpet so we could maybe do some jazzy kind of improv. stuff and then do the more popular tunes or whatever when i played guitar.
Thanks for the tips, as I say it's not as much about the money really, more the experience of playing.
I was looking into busking so I rang up my local council if you needed a license or not, and luckily you didnt for where I live. Just call up your council/borough if your in England and they should be able to tell you what you need to know!