Im looking at getting a valveking 2 by 12 combo for cleans, as my 5150 just does not handle cleans well. For 500 dollars, do you think this amp is worth it?

I like sparkling cleans and like an ac/dc kinda crunch, but then like a social distortion kinda distortion.
The valve king is a good amp, but, IMO, does not have good enough cleans to be used as a clean amp.

If you want a clean only amp, look into a tube fender.

It you want the amp to be a "vintage" type tone amp (cleans, crunch, etc.), then it would make a good second amp, especially on a budget!
yeah i definately recomend a fender for cleans. the hot rod deluxe is 600 bucks which might be over your price range but u can find them on ebay for around 400. the od isn't that bad for crunch just not for high gain stuff.
well im looking for more of a vintage type clean actually now that i think of it.

and the 5150 is fucking amazing for high gain. so i dont really need to worry about that.

thanks for all the help guys.