So far, I have a laptop, an electro acoustic guitar, an electric with a Crate GTX30 amp and an Edirol UA-25. I can record my guitars fine, but my amp has lots of effects I'd like to record. I started with the obvious, plugged my guitar into the input on my amp as usual and then used the headphone socket (the only other socket) into the UA-25 and got nothing. I understand that you can add effects to your recordings using various software, but surely I can just record my electric guitar through my amp onto my pc?

Sorry if this has already been covered, I did check the many helpful threads and got some useful info earlier, but this has stumped me. It probably has an easy answer along the lines of "you can't."

Cheers in advance for any help.
buy a mic. plug it in to the xlr jack on the edirol. i suggest the SM 57. it will capture the sound of your amp well placed a few inches off the speaker, at a 45 degree angle, just beside the center of the speaker. somebody is going to come on and say you need a condensor now, but honestly you can record your acoustic and vocals if you want with the sm 57 aswell with god results. buy the sm57. it is a great all round mic that will pretty much capture anything, ESPECIALLY electric guitar amps.