Which is best out of

jackson's RR1, RR3, or RR5

and if possible tell me the price range
If you know what I mean
Quote by sashki
Since the RR 3 now has real Seymour Duncans, it's probably the best one. It's not worth paying so much for an american one if the indian one is just as good.

Couldn't be farther from the truth. Just because the guitar has the same $150 pickups in it as a higher end model doesn't mean it is the same. The RR3 is the lowest, RR5 is the next up, and RR1 is the highest.
The RR3 is basically a waste of money for any non beginner. It is hardly above the JS series of Jackson. It is not a greatly built guitar, and the tremolo is garbage. Rosewood fretboard, which really isn't bad at all, but the RR1 has superior (in my opinion) ebony. The neck is a bolt on, which kills sustain.
The RR5 is a much better guitar, however, it has no tremolo. It is neck through, and is overall built a lot better. Like the RR3, it also has a rosewood fretboard.
The RR1 is the cream of the crop. You can either get it with an Original Floyd Rose tremolo, or a tune-o-matic bridge. Neck through, with the affore mentioned ebony fretboard. Better electronics (in terms of pots). If you have $2000 to spare, go with the RR1. Otherwise, the RR5 is a great axe. Just stay away from the RR3.
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