I Wrote This about Me and My Girl...
and keep in mind...im only fifteen so its not that good...

Autumn's Leaves Trickle Down My Face,
I look into your eyes and my heart starts to Race,
In This one Moment In Time,
I'll Share with you a Little Rhyme,

Your Kiss is Intricate,
Your Lick Delicate,
Your Eyes About To Weep
As I Plunge Deep,

Into A Darkness Without Fear Or Hate,
While In This Darkness, Share the Love we Create,
You My Dear, Bear the Perfect Trait
Our Love, The Beautiful Taint

Dont Slip Away My Love,
Let Me Hold You Forever,
Rest In My Arms My Love,
Dont Let Our Souls Severe,

Once More We Kiss.
Autumn's Vibrant Taste Now On our Lips,
A Dash Of Red, A Sprinkle Of Yellow,
Our Bodies Connect, Soft and Mellow,

Whisper In Each Other's Ear,
Oh My Love, Oh My dear,
We Profess Our Madness,
As We Go Back To The Darkness.
this is really excellent. 10/10 and these r definitely some of the best rhymes i've heard so far.