I Wrote This about a friend of mine and his girl...ive been good friends with both of them for a while. Anyway, He Fell Into Drugs and I had to rescue his Girl From him and he hates me now for breaking them up (mind you, im not with her). So when i Say I its as if i were my friend...and when i say dark lil angel...im talking about his girl.

My Dark lil Angel Cries out in the Night
To Her Rescue is This Beautiful Light,

Screaming Loudly and out of place,
The Death We Once Tasted Now Has a Face,

My Dark lil Angel Bursts Into laughter
as she see's my Human Life Die and Shatter,

Horrible Visions Screech Through My Mind,
The Bats that Haunt me, Tear Through My Veins,
Sharing The Thought of Our Decay, Oh the Pains,
Please lil Angel, Please Be Kind,

Oh lil Angel dont Let me Die,
oh lil Angel please Just Try,
Save This Soul Once Lost,
A Requiem for The Insane,
An abode for Disdain
i thought it was good, very poetic. nice job
Green Day rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!