ok, i play rock (old) and blueszy rock, sometimes a bit of metal. I think ive narowed it down to 2 guitars. Epiphone g-400 vintage, and Epiphone SG iommi sig model. Advice please... does the g-400 have gibson pickups like the iommi? can the iommi pickups be toned down so they can cope with some softer stuff?
imo just get the g-400 vintage and change the pickups to suit your music taste. as the iommi sig imo is not worth the price difference
could anyone recommend any good pickups? and how much they would cost to install.
i think the g-400 has both a mahogany body and mahogany neck. and how much you willing to spend on the pickups?
well is the g-400 definately better than the iommi? cause i can maybe change the pickups at another date, u never know i might like em? plz reply
well if you don't know, we certainly won't!
But most pickups are like $100 or something (?100 in Belgium), unless they're EMG's but I don't think you want those (not suited for your musical styles).
To have them installed costs, let say about $15 or a bit more or less.
Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro's might be something for you.

Some sites to check out : www.seymourduncan.com www.dimarzio.com

The G-400 is a nice guitar and with new pickups it could be very nice.
well what more would you want to know. the price difference is that its a sig model, different pups, different paintjob, and i heard the strap pin location had moved. so do you think that is well worth the price difference
Try them out, see what you think, buy the one you like.
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I'd go for the iommi, even though i am swayed cos i'm a huge sabbath fan, It's a good guitar from what I've heard, you get the proper iommi pick-ups too i think, and the cross inlays, or alternatively if you want iommi pick-ups get a g-400 and buy iommi pick-ups for about £95