I have the problem that sometimes i can make up lyrics line after line that sound really good (at least to me) and they say exactly what i want to say, however i find that more often than not when i try to reproduce them (in writing) i forget the crucial words. I can remember the general theme of the phrase, but not the words that made it sound so much better and more fluent.

I currently write or record the lyrics as soon as possible but sometimes this just isn't convienient and even still, as i write i tend to forget the next line (perfectly).

Does anyone have any tips? thanks,
why dotn u carry a piece of paper and a pencil around. the same thing happens to me alot and it sucks too
Yep.. As soon as you get a really cool line in your head WRITE IT DOWN INSTANTLY!
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all these guys have no idea how to do this simply, you can buy a microcassette recorder for about $50.00, keep it on you at ALL times and as soon as you get ready to go at it, hold it up to yer mouth and start recording, i used to have that problem ALL the time, then i spent a lil $$$ and it saves me from the madness now.
I also would suggest a tape recorder. You don't need some fancy one, just make sure it gets the job done. Pencil and paper is a good idea as well, maybe a pen would be more convenient though
PDA could work too or a copy it down in your cell phone somehow.
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the only reason i don't recommend a piece of paper/notebook and pen is this.... people generally think and speak WAY faster than they can write so if you're thinking/speaking the third line and just got done w/ the first line you may have trouble remembering line 2, and generally by the time you get done thinking of it/speaking it you're not going to remember anything but maybe the last line or 2 and the stuff you have written down so everything in the middle is lost.
I'm a lifeguard, and usually the best lines come to me when I'm on stand, lifeguarding a pool. It sucks, because I can't just leave the pool to get some paper or something. I can't write it down on stand, either, and I can't carry a cassete recorder. Sucks, huh?