i went to see these guys play on saterday and they did the best set ive ever seen and ive seen alot of big bands play there really good but aint got a record deal im pretty sure these guys will be massive in a months click here for a look

my personal favourite song is either brannagin brawl or curse our love if anyone want to tab these for me please do i really want to be able to play them but i cant tabs songs yet

please take a look
'Brannagin brawl' just sounds like Futureheads mixed with all the other crap that's around these days.

'First to know' was alright, but the breaks in the drums/bass really annoyed me. I don't think a lead guitar should replicate the vocal melody without backing.

They probably will do alright with one album, but its not something I'd buy, and then the second album will be one of those ones that gets released but the label don't bother trying to promote and they'll just sink back into normal life.
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