hi all,

does anyone know where i can find a veroboard layout for one of the original reissue Big muff's? i.e. the non op-amp versions

OK, a couple more basic questions, what are the normal capacitors called (i.e. not the radial electrolytic) and on the big muff, does the sustain alter the gain?
OK, let me rephrase this, when your not using radial elctrolytic, what are the best caps to use? and the question about the sustain control still stands.
o, ok use mylar film capacitors then. ceramic disks are ok, but mylar film caps are much better to use in sound applications. when testing my 4uzz when it was open, I touched the ceramic caps and it made feedback. when i touched the mylar film caps, nothing.
The standard is either mylar/film/foil/polyester/other such types for anything larger than 1nF and small than 1uF.

For anything smaller than 1nF you usually end up using ceramics, which aren't the best for audio applications as the distort under high louds but I let 1 or 2 of them slip by (its not often that you have more than two 100pF capacitors in a guitar effect anyway...), if you're going for the full out route get silver mica caps for the smaller values.

the sustain knob is basically the gain knob overall (but this thing is fuzzy no matter what you do to it)