Hey, sorry for making so many posts recently, but now I was wondering, are Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Low Profile Trems any good? Or stick with the original? [If they're rubbish, please say why]
Bad. Knife edges wear out, they just wear easily it seems like.

Go with an OFR.
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well the new 2006 one's are supposed to be better, they have stronger metal or something, but they probably still aren't as good as an OFR. However the jackson JT580 is a direct swap for an OFR
people who own them say they are okay, but i think i've also heard somewhere that some of them can be replaced with OFR, though i'm not too sure so don't take my word for it.

Some LTD's do stock OFR like the M-1000 and alexi600 and possibly others.
yeh LTD lfr are said to last long and big divebombs and can hold onto their tune for a good time
Do you know if ther the same size as an original floyd? So if I wanted to put an original on my MH-400 do I have to route?
Well i'll give it a go for a bit then and see what it can do. I just got it today so i'm very noob with this double locking trem. How do I go about tuning it?
Actually, another question, can I tune to ANY tuning like that?
you'll have to readjust the springs and possibly intonation. But that shouldn't be difficult.