roland microcube


they also have a headphone jack

and built in effects (tremolo,chorus,flanger,phaser)

and reverb + delay

and like 6 different channels i beleive
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I'll third the cube idea.

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you know you can get little amps that you can just hang off your pocket liek just clip it on. i saw it on School of Rock
Maybe a Honeytone? I've always wanted one. Thought they looked pretty cool.
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I think the Microcube is the best choice. All the other mini amps just don't seem like you will get that much out of them. Maybe one tone and thats it.
Maybe a small valvetronix. I prefer them to the cube and they have a headphone jack...
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Vox has the DA-5 which is like the valvetronix so you can try that out as well as the microcube