how do you post pictures in the gear thread thingy, i tried copy pasting but im no comp genious and i dont know scripting is there a simple trick to it?
first you have to upload the image to a website that will host it for you. An example of that would be www.imagevenue.com

after you upload it, you need to find the direct link to the image. Most image hosters will give it to you after you finish uploading. For example, for my image I uploaded on imagevenue right now, this is the link.


now to make the picture shot up instead of the link, you have to wrap it in tags. Like this, without the bold bracket at the end.

It will show up like this

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the location of the image. you can find it in Internet Explorer by right clicking the image, clicking properties and copying and pasting the image location (Adress URL).

With firefox, all you have to do is right click the image, and click copy image location.
like so, only I have omitted the bracket from the first tag so that it wouldn't be a picture. Another option is to go under 'Attach Files' when you make your post and upload it from your own computer.
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