I was wondering which of the ibanez guitars do you guyz think are the best...kuz i might get one and i need some help please....thanks
I liked the JEM series most, I'd fall in love with that just cause of the neck(and yes that does meand the rest of it is not interesting, I don't like it's bodywood and I don't like it's pickups).
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^ You dont like alder or dimarzios? Ooo i feel sorry for you lol.

Threadstarter, J-CUSTOM..... will run you about 2100-2200 new$ something like that
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Rg or S series are pretty good, i have a thing for icemans myself, the look funky and play good aswell, i'd suggest a JEM if they werent so damn expensive
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I have an RGT3120, it's an awesome piece with Dimarzio pickups.
It has the best action I've ever felt on any guitar in my life (including gibsons and FR fenders). It sounds great, it is very versatile etc... Look into it, used it will run you (at least it ran me) around $1,300. Theyre 2000 new (at the Sam Ash anyway)