This doesnt really have a title, so if anybody has suggestion plz, im open to ideas, so yea, this was written about a week ago or so, i like this one, because i usually wrote about love, so yea this was different, and at the bottom, where it says, manito, thats my nickname which means little brother, just putting it out there so you get it more

I walk alone,
Nowhere to go,

So I head to the smoke,
Between me,

This magical land,
With green ties, and green bows,
This forest just seems to calm me,

I move through the bark,
Into the fog,

As I walk alone,
I cry,
But the followers,
Come to sooth me,

I see a figure,
Silhouetted in the trees,

He says follow me now
So I start moving to him,

He says look at me now,
Do you know what I am

I say youre nothing to me,
And Im no one to you,

Im nothing to me,
And thats how I get through,

So I walk alone,
Walk right past him,

But I feel troubled now,
Ive seen his face,
He looks just like me,
Are we one in the same?

And I tell him,
Youre nothing to me,
Thats what I thought,
And what Ill say,

So he tells me,
I dare not defy, anything you speak,
Im just the one your conscience pays,

Why are you here, the forest now dark,
he tells me of a message, given each thousand years,
A message, to you, that Ive given to few

I speak once, every so many years
so I tell him, what is this message,
what do you speak of, are you giving me truth,
or feeding me lies,

I tell only truth,
but this is something un new,
to your conscience surprise,

so what is it you say,
inject it to my thoughts now,
or be gone forevermore,

I feel my end is coming,
This is the end,
Once I hear these words,
My body shall ache..

Now Ive heard these words,
I cant believe it so,
He knew my conscience,
But Im not sure,
What he means so,
And on the these last glimpses,

Of a sorrow sky,
I think to myself,
The words he said,

your nothing to me,
and Im no one to you,

your no one to yourself,
thats not the way,
to get through life, forevermore,
now your own fear of death,
has lead to your demise,
you didnt think today was your day,
and you told no one goodbye.

So I awaken,
And I feel nothing,
I head downstairs,
Paramedics in my house,
Push a body through a crowd,
I see myself there,
am I alive, or am I dead,
an officer goes to my mourning family,
explains he found a note,
so he reads it aloud,
with no feeling,
and not proud,

so it read.

Youre everything to me,
Im no one to you,

Your everything to yourselves,
Thats my way to get through life, forevermore,
Now my fear of death,
Has lead to my demise,
You didnt think today was my day,
And none of you told me, goodbye..

9:05 pm
July 2, 3006

I look at a calendar, its July 2nd,
I see the year, its 2006..

I guess I died,
A thousand years, to early.....
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Damn...... lets just say this, I lit up a cig cause I saw the length in it, and thought what the hell I read it through, and I did, and I loved it. You told a very nice story that I easily got into. Not really much to crit, except to push the lyrics a little closer instead of spacing them so much. Very great job!
The Devil may.
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this is cool. but idk how the title is applied to it

i know it really doesnt, but hey, it got your attention right , but, i put that because of what i was thinking when i wrote it, cause well, its hard to explain, and such, you'll read it when im done writing my book on it and it gets famous, if you want to understand the way I think, read anything you can about P.D. Ouspensky, he's the greatest, if u like that, look at my other one Tears in the Sky, ive had good responses from other people on that, but not too many on this site,

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