Okay, so I'm getting a new amp ASAP, and it's come down to a decision between two amps. The first is a Peavey Bandit Solo Series (200 watts), and the other is a Roland Cube 60 (60 watts, obviously).

I would use this amp for small gigs and practice with a drummer, bassist, and vocalist. My styles include mostly metal (Pantera, Metallica, Maiden, etc.), rock (ACDC, Zeppelin), and blues. Other styles played as well, but not important enough to impact the decision.

My question is this: If I can get either for ~350 CAD (about 310 USD or 250 Euros), which would be the better choice in terms of volume and sound? 200 watts would obviously be a lot of power meaning I wouldn't have to turn it up too loud to get an acceptable level, but the Roland is supposed to sound better. See my gear in my sig if that helps at all. Please respond soon, as both of these deals could dissappear fast (classified ads). Thanks.

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Roland Cube.
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you should just go try them out youre self so you can decide what you think sounds better
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I was going to, but considering I'm stuck at home for the time being I thought I'd at least ask.

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Well, the Bandit isn't too bad of an amp, and it will sound good. However, i don't know how well it will pull off the metal tones you want. However, while the Cube will give you killer tones for those styles of music, it might not have the power you want. Don't get me wrong, it's a great amp, but at the high volumes you'll be playing at, it won't have as much headroom and as such will get mushy and won't sound as clear (as all SS amps do) and you'll also have some feeedback problems. In this situation, i put my money on the Cube. Although, you might want to look into an ISP Noise Decimator to reduce feedback and give your tone a little more life at high volumes.
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Okay, so the Cube is looking like a better choice right now. Any gigs I'd be playing would have a house PA system that I could hook my amp up to, meaning I wouldn't have to crank it too high to get it loud enough. I don't think I'd have a problem turning up the volume too loud when I'm jamming with said band members in a room approx. 20x30 feet. Any other input is appreciated, folks!

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I think that the Roland Cube gets a lot of love from this site simply because it has a good reputation, and that 4/5 people here have never tried the Bandit. That Bandit is really awesome for a metal tone, and sounds killer with the mids scooped. Just my $.02