i have a marshall 100 watt and i recently found that the wire connecting the speaker and head just plugs into the head, now there is no detached head but if you remove the screws on the top the head just slides out. now i'm wondering if i can just get a different head to just rest on the existing head and use both heads( not at the same time but be able to switch the plug whenever i need to) and if i can i would like to know what you guys recommend for heads, i'm a bluesy jazzy rock player (influences are eric johnson and monte montgomery and pat metheny) so if you could base your suggestions off of that, it would great. money is almost no object, nothing too expensive. thanks
Maybe a class A amp for a different type of sound. What about a Vox AC head?
I have a couple suggestions:

1)Soldano Decatone. Very versatile, smooth sounding amp. Great cleans, and a wonderful crunch tone. It's also very versatile. A bit pricey, but worth it. Here's a link:


2) THD Flexi 50. Another very smooth sounding amp. Great for rock/blues. Very vintage sounding as well. Here's a link (with sound clips):

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