im think of purchasing a seriosly AWSOME multi effects and it has came to a tie between the boss gt-8 and the line 6 pod xt live! to be honest i havent a idear when it comes to it! i know the pod xt has downloadable tones and amps and the shiz but it dosent look liek you can realy change between all of them and tweek them hear and there, but again im totaly new! the boss gt-8 look perfect and i only hear great reveiws on it and it does look like there is lots of things to twidle with =) but there isnt the downloadable tone situation! any ways can you pleas help me and advise me?????
I own a GT-8 and....it was one of the best investments I've ever made. The only problem that I've found with it is that its a bit complex. But if you read the manual (all 106 pages) you shouldn't have any problems.

I've only played a Line 6 pod xt at a friends house, but I've heard they are great for recording.

So bottom line (in my opinion)
Boss GT-8: Many different varieties of effects, better for gigs.
Line 6: Better for recording, less complex.
are you going to be running this through an amp? because the amp models won't sound their best through an amp. Plus, if you're going into a tube amp, it will suck all the tone out, it did for me anyway.

BTW, i'm talking about the PODXTL, but i'm sure it's pretty much the same case
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well yeh im going to play it through a marshall valve state and through an original AC-30 but it wont make that much of a difference will it? its got to be better than playing it through a solid state! and im not using it for recording so i dont need that factor!

and can you also use the stomp boxes you already have with it aswell easily?
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yep but u have to play it through your tube amp clean, which means less volume and anyways tube amps are supposed to be way betta then modellers (i'm talkin about ure AC-30 not ure Valve State) .

I'd say Pod XT for the sheer customizability of the thing, like if u plug it into the computer u got more knobs then 2 GT8's put togetha, and u can realyl tweak the crap out of it. Plus for recording it's pretty good. GT8 is only midi based so it's perhaps harder to tweak, and u need some midi stuff (line 6 always wins when it comes to software compared to boss).

boss GT8 however can run 2 amp sims on top of eachother (or so i'm told) and is pretty hardcore.
thats awsom but on the xt is it any good for tweeking tones when it isn't plugged in? which is what im looking for so i can play places wre there isnt a comp that i can adjust things on
GT8 would be way better for you, you can tweak so many things that its crazy and you dont need a comp for anything, it has higher quality effects and is better in a live situation than the pod, the 4 cable method is good for playing through amps
boss GT8 however can run 2 amp sims on top of eachother (or so i'm told) and is pretty hardcore.

That would be correct. The GT-8 can run two sims on top of each other, or you can have one sim coming from the left channel and the other coming from the right. There is a demo video somewhere on the net of a guy demonstarting this effect. You can also choose to blend the two sims using what Boss calls "Pick Dynamics". This allows you to switch between the settings based on how hard or soft you pick, though I will say it takes getting used to to do that right. As an example you can have it set so that when you pick lightly you are playing a clean tone, then when you attack harder you get a dirty overdriven sound, then as you lessen your attack on the string you return to the clean tone. I usually only use that feature when I'm showing off the board though.

It does have a bit of a learning curve due to the amount of things in it and the limitless ability to customize basically everything. It's very gig friendly with everything being able to be setup and adjusted on the fly. Can be set up to play through your tube amp without sucking the life on it or you can simply choose to run it through a board to your PA and gig without an amp.

You can easily get pretty much every tone you've ever wanted to hear once you start getting used to the board, or you can check out Boss GT Central and use some that other users have created.

I cant really only give a biased opinion on the two though as my friend has yet to let me check out his Line 6, hopefully someone with a Pod XT Live can share their views on that board to help give you a better compare and contrast, but if I remember I right I believe Line 6 uses USB for connecting to a PC where as BOSS unfortunately uses Midi(which unless you have a good Sound card you probably don't have), so you would either have to buy a USB to midi adapter(usually around 50 bucks) or buy a card with a midi adapter to throw new patches on your GT-8, or put them in manually(which you can choose to do with an editor they have on that website I listed).

Above all else I would recommend going to a store and testing both out as much as possible. The GT-8 was the board for me, but you might find the POD XT live suits you better once you try them both.
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Boss GT-8 has a set amount of effects, PODXT Live always has new updates which you can get for free. Also it has an awesome direct PA sound + great direct recording Technology