Which would be better for me? I like most types of rock, anything from Classic Rock to Grunge, 80's Metal to Modern Rock. I still have my starting guitar, so I want something a huge step up. The RG1570 is about $800, and new pickups would be about $200. The SG Standard is about $1,300. So which is better? I want versatility, as well as just a great hard rock tone for leads.

Thanks to all
Im a true ibanez fan, so id choose an ibanez over a gibson. its got more features that id use.
If your not a shredder than i'd say the SG, you can shred on tose to if you ever need to a bit.
i'v played an rg very similar to that one and i didnt like it much, the neck was too thin and it just sounded bad. i love my sg standard and get any sound out of my sg, especially classic rock and 80's metal. i would get with the sg because i didnt really like the playability and tone of that ibanez.
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i'd say the RG is more versatile, since it has both buckers and a single coil. You'll be able to get most of the tones you need out of that, although some will be more authentic than other, obviously.

Of course, if you don't want a locking trem, go with the SG. But you should probably be looking at more than two (completely different) guitars, especially with your pretty healthy budget.

Oh, and what amp do you have?
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you could also look at epiphone elitists. They would probably save you some money than if you went gibson and i hear that they beat low end gibsons and have good quality. The elitist les paul custom seems nice and is $1100 and I think a les paul would suit you great unless you want a floyd or don't like the feel.
RG for sure. The tremolo, extra frets and pickup means its more versatile than the SG.
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i have an ibanez prestige and the pickups arent bad at all
if you go for the ibanez chances are youll be happy with the tone and wont need to replace the pickups

go ibanez
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Rg, much more versatile...

Cheaper, Better, thinner neck(preference), 24 frets, best trem in the business, top notch quality.
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RG is versitle but the sg has a way beeter tone wood sound... PLus im heavily biased towards sg's...
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It might just be me, but I find SGs have a terribly thin tone.
Which I'm just not a fan of.
I would say the RG, because you get pretty good versatility (sp?) and sound, plus the SG have that damn strap holder on the neck.
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