Hi, ideally i could do with a wireless instrument system, 90% of the time to be used with a guitar. Now here comes the cruncher, I play quite a few places with a small group of friends, of which we've been playing together for 5+ years. We do it for free, being asked to play at various things to inspire or to provide a background for people. The problem, many people walk past where all are gear is, often through it due to where we may have to play. Hence were trying to reduce the cabling as much as possible and are going to start with guitars since moving around the wires always trailing behind a posing as a problem.

Ok so theres the lowdown, but that means i dont want to spend any more than £200 on a wireless instrument system. The Sennhesier freeport system seems ideal at £169 but Ive only seen it online. Obviously Id like the Shure equivilent but its not really feasable. Has anybody any reccomendations for my budget?