Hi, I was just messing around with my whammy bar...before, it was pretty loose, then it became really tight, now it won't even screw back in...I think something is stripped, either the bar itself or the hole...any suggestions of how to get it back in? Or do I need a new bar/its unfixable? I can post pics if needed
what kind of whammy. try the back panel. open it and thers an allen thing there, you can untighten it. if its a licsensed floyd rose
It's a trem on Squier Strat...yeah...

EDIT: Off topic, but damn, Ibanez, I wish I had your gear
hahah, thanks. i love it all, but on a squire the only thing i can suggest is opening the back and see if theres anything you can do...
Get a plumber's tape, the one that looks like a white latex and tape it securely around the bar's thread. Screw it back in, it should be tighter than before, and also another tip, do not screw in the bar too far deep inside, or force it to make it hang. Most vintage style bars are meant to dangle so you dont want to force it too deep, as it will wear out the threads inside.
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you should be able to see what is stripped especially if its the bar itself