I have an E string on my bass that has trouble with intonation. I did manage to get it right, but it required lowering the action to a rediculous point where it buzzes like all hell, so I figure that isn't very practical. I was thinking about changing the gauge of the strings I use to try and fix it, but which way would I go? Heavier or lighter? When I test the intonation, the octave is too sharp only by a small bit, but its still noticable, primarily only on the higher frets. Thanks in advance.
i beleive you have to adjust the truss rod, id take it into a professional to have that done though.
Don't touch your truss rod unless you're aboslutely sure you know what you're doing (Did it before and it messed a lot of things up)!!! It has something to do with the bridge part w/ spring around the screw. I don't know what they're called.. You can move those, but like he said above go to a guitar shop and have them do it... Or google it. If you bought your bass new the owner's manuel should tell you the correct tools to use.
I know how to do it. I did all the normal things you would do, but it still isn't right. The onyl solutions I've seen on google are to hack it up and move the bridge further back, but I'd rather not go through with all that. If I can just change string gauge to fix it, I'd like to do that, but I'm not sure if it would make enough of a difference, and I'm not sure whether I'd want to go heavier or lighter to fix it.