I was bored, and wondering:

For those of you that have a guitar with a tremolo bar, do you leave it on, or take it off? I took mine off. If i'm playing i just find it very inconvenient to use.

Jason A.
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The bar always gets in the way... I keep it in the case, in-case I need it or if I want to sell the guitar
I always take mine off. When it is on, I always find myself pointlessly screwing around with it. When it's off, I can actually concentrate on playing.
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its useful, i say leave it on
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I'm a noob so the bar just confuses my practice. Unless I'm playing a peice that needs it its stays off. In a bag of spares that I keep inside my amp!
I didn't use one because it would throw my old strat out of tune, now none of my guitars have a tremelo bar. If I ever get one, though, I'll leave it on, to try using it for more subtle playing (little dips and bends and such).
Took mine off and screwed the bridge all the way down.
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