I have this problem when im doing bends. When I push up i touch the lower string (for example if im bending the 2nd string, the 3rd will sound). Is there any way i can aviod this!?!?
this used to happen to me until i studied how i was doing bends and i found that it was because i had the finger i was bending with too far over the string therefore when i bent the string my finger was fretting the string above it, so my advice would be to analyze how your bending the string you will probaly find that you were having the same problem as i was having. To fix it i just pulled my finger down a bit so i was only my finger tips frettin and bending the string.
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if I ever end up doing that, i just mute the strings i don't want to play with the thumb of my picking hand. Mostly, releasing the bend either more slowly or immediately after bending solves this problem. It can occur when you don't push the string down very hard, and your finger goes on top of the string above. If this is the problem, just press your fretting finger(s) down harder. Its generally easier just to mute with the picking hand though (as I said, I use my thumb but it really doesn't matter)