This is my first time using a metronome and have no idea how to use it. My metronome has rythm temp and beat per minute. Maybe if someone could link me to some lessons or something that are helpful that may teach me how to use a metronome I would appreciate it. I am trying to build up my speed, and I am not sure if i should mess with the tempo/rythm, do i just change the bps and leave the default rythm/tempo, how many notes do i try to fit inside a beep etc. etc.! Thanks guys any info would be much appreciated id like to get to playin fast!
Well, Im not sure what you mean by rhythm tempo, but I assume that means that the beep on the down beats is accentuated and you can change the time signature of it. If you are just starting out set it so that it is in 4/4 and then set the tempo to something relatively slow, somewhere between 80-120 bpm. Then start by playing on each beep, after that practice playing on the upbeats, between the beeps, as well. I'd move the tempo higher first and focus just on the downbeats and upbeats before you try to play four notes for each beep, and it will be easier for you later to go back to a slower tempo and practice that.
Thank you so much! wow that helps me alot. When u say "Then start by playing on each beep" Do you mean play 1 note per beep i hear? Thanks a bunch i now have an idea of what i am doing lol!