Is there a template to cut an SSS pickguard to a HSS? What tool shoud i use to cut it?
plasma cutter
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umm plasma cutter right, really expensive... wat about a router will those work good on a pickguard
well im buying a superstrat wiring kit from guitar fetish http://store.guitarfetish.com/bl3supiwikit.html and the pickguard is already cut to hold the three switches with it so i dont want to get another pickguard. wait, what would be easier, getting an HSS pickguard and drilling three holes for the switches or keeping the pickguard that comes with the wiring kit and cutting the humbucker pattern out?
Well, easiest is just getting a stacked humbucker for the bridge position. If you custom cut the p/u hole, you'll have two screw holes you aren't using. If you get a H-S-S pickguard, you'll have the slot for the pickup switch you aren't using.
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you're going to play blues with this right???? but you can cut it out with a template from the internet, but im not sure from where, try google, you could use an exacto knife and sand the edges so they are smooth.
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i want that humbucker in there but i dont want the extra holes. Is there a website where i can get them to custom make a pickguard for me?
just put ur pick gaurd on top of the new one trace the hole and cut.
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