im plugged directly into the computer using M-audio... when i record on audacity it shows that i have something recorded but the volume is so low i have to mash my headphones to my ears to be able to even barely hear it...

ive edited all the volum crap on my computer and checked the guitar volume, all the input and crap is set and i just dunno wtf is goin on??? can someone help me...

oh and im not spending 20 hours just to download CEP or something.
I use audacity all the time and have never had a problem like that.

try going through all the input and output settings on the software...ya never know...something could be set wrong...did it with another program on my drums once.
do you plug directly into the computer? this has never happened before only on audacity..lol
ive got it fixed, i can hear it fine now- turns out theres a knob on the M-Audio (where i plug the guitar into the computer with) but now when i try to record somethin OVER it, like vocals, its muted some how- i dont hear any of the guitar..... before plugging the guitar in (using the mic) i recorded the acoustic... then recorded vocals, when it was 'rolling' it played all the tracks i had recorded on the mic before...

how do i record it and have the first line-in tracks playing while i record so it matches up?
basically its just when i record the mic, the line-in track doesnt play while it records... the mic track always plays when something records... how do i get the line in track to play while im recording?
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**** it, im downloading Audition

That one is confusing to use. I have it and still don't get it O_o