So I was messing around practicing, and hit record, for the hell of it.
no mixing
save your scissors and disarm which i learned today, and u can tell hahaha

Work to live, not live to work.
you know what unborn, i had you down as just a great punk musician, but with your recent covers you've more than shown that you're no one trick pony...you're a very talented and versatile musician. I've never heard this song before yet you had me and my girlfriend bouncing along after 20 seconds already. Oh yeah, i REALLY couldnt stop laughing at WHOOPS!
Whoops? haha. You're great buddy. Keep on rocking and the Dallas Green cover was amazing. 8/10 for the incredibly fast playing.
good job overall dude. the "woops" was hilarious. I'm looking forward to your redone version. It'll sound great with the melody put in with the strumming.
no dice.