my band is putting together a show at my drummers house in his backyard mainly for friends and family but anyone can come, were expecting 20-25+ to show up. he has a outofground pool and were gunna grill hamburgers and stuff but what are some fun ideas of stuff we can have set up so people will wanna come? ideas like gocarts, trampolines, etc, but try to keep it relatively cheap
Just an idea but you could get one of those rubber wate slide things u put on the ground and dive and skid along thier always fun to muck around on
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yea, we could get our moms and grandmas and little baby sistersto have wettshirt contests for the guests..jk were 14, but footballs good hes got a bigyard, and this is going to last like an hour or 2 and we have about 20 minutes of material so were going to play 2 songs break 2 songs break 2 songs done, and i guess inbetween the 2 songs we could play football
So you're going to play, what, six songs total? Any idea what those might be? Because you could always extend your setlist a bit - throw in a bass solo, an extended blues jam, or something to that effect.

Seriously, though, what songs will you be playing?

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