Here's the deal: I'm in a three-piece band right now, in which I play bass. The drummer, my cousin, wants to play guitar, but neither the guitarist nor I are any good at drums.

Now, there is a drummer in another band near us, and he's having problems with them. I don't know the specifics, and I don't care to - unless, of course, he is the problem. He, too, is interested in playing guitar.

Now, give me your feedback on this: would it work to get both drummers/guitarists in one band, and just have them switch mid-set? That is, my cousin plays drums for the first half, and guitar for the second; the "new guy" plays guitar for the first half and drums for the second.

Does that sound like something that could work, or is the concept just plain stupid?

Thanks, ya'll.

Just plain stupid, check who's the better drummer en who's the better guitarist. If one of them can't live with it, kick him out.
i mean why can't yall just like playin yalls individual instruments the whole time? if you're tryin to switch around like how good can the final product be
If they are good at drums they should stick to the drums because the guitar is not the easiest instrument to learn off hand. I think they should stay with drums because it will be a while before they develop a style all they're own and before they are good enuff to play in a band
You could always have a handful of songs which aren't too hard where the drummer and guitarist switch places to keep everyone happy, then maybe play one or two of them in the middle of your set. I've seen it done before. But generally, if you have a drummer who can play, it's best not to lose him to guitar...
I'd rather not "lose" either one of them to guitar, but I'd be willing to let them both play guitar for a while to keep them happy and coming back to practices. But, yeah, I can see the flaws in the idea myself. I just wanted to hear from some unbiased people.

One of the big advantages to having them switch instruments at some point was that I'd get to play a solo (drums stop : bass solo) while they change over.

perhaps if the drummers can play guitar in time, then it'd work to have one play guitar. although drums are cool. cooler than guitar, even.