I have a Fender Jagstang with bareknuckle pickups. Sinner for the Bridge and Trilogy for the neck ( single coils).

There are no suggested settings for the Roland Cube 30 but I would like to know how to get a really good sound for the metal, rectifier and the classic stack.

Listing treble = middle = bass = gain =

Also how would you get a good Hendrix sound on this amp ( if that is possible).

You see those things at the top of the forum, called stickeys?


Theres a settings thread for a reason.
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bass-9 mid-4 treble-10 gain-7

gets you a nice mid-scooped metal sound.
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For metal try turning down the mids and boosting the treble and bass. If you want to make it better for leads boost the mids. use the amp emulator settings on your cube 30. For Hendrix set it to british stack or w/e it is and for metal set it for metal (you probably already know that). and than to get a good tone honestly the best thing to do is fool around with it till you know how tone works. for metal everything should be boosted for scooped metal just take down some mids. For more classic stuff just lower it and try some settings out try treble 5, mid 7, bass 6 for a bit more of a classic rock thing. basically there can be drastically different settings for each genre so just mess around with it. Thats all I have got to say. Good luck sir
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