Oo sweet, will that include the left handed model? 'Cos that got discontinued a while ago and is a bastard to get ahold of at present. If i could get that in white (I very much doubt the lefty model'll be available in white) I'd have an orgasm.
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arrched mahogany body
blot on 25.5 maple neck
rosewood fingerboard
24 frets
schecter tuners
tonepros bridge
black nickel hardware
duncan desighned hb-105 active pickups

white with black binding or black with white binding

c-1 599.00
c-1 fr 649.00

and the best part...DOT INLAYS!!!!!
Beautiful guitars.

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eh the C1 FR has that licensed piece of crap and the she devil is a Hellraiser with worse trim and crappy Duncan Designed Invader copies, why would you copy an Invader?
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They aren't invaders.

and they put the ****ty trem on the FR? Ugh.

Would you be able to swap it out for a real one?