Alright guys, since the Roland Cube is pretty much what I was going for, I called my local guitar store to see the price of a Cube 60. They said $495 Canadian, which was way out of my price range. Im looking for an alternative to the Roland Cube, in terms of metal distorted sound, and a clean sound, for $350-$400 MAX Canadian. I was considering the Spider II, but it seems that those amps have a bad reputation on UG. Can anyone help?
from what I hear, the spider ll has a digital sound. But I have never tried. I am looking in a MF catalouge. Its a Randall RG75G3, 75W, 112, and supposedly has the characteristics of tube.
It means it sounds overprocessed. It doesn't sound like natural distortion (far from it) that would come out of a tube amp. Some solid states can get close to that tone, but the Line 6 Spider is just completely off.
I see now. Are their any alternatives to a metal sound like a Roland, or a cheap tube amp that can do metal?
Well,t hats not totally true, you can get some nice jazzy tones from it but tbh, the main feature of the spider is it has 3 awsome metal channels, sure, not as good as a tube amp but, its good enough i like it for what i play, though i do get the digital sorta sound to it but tbh it sounds nicer to some SS marshalls i've played, either way, beats an MG and Valvestate IMO *(though the VS i played was old. shrug)