Meh. Right now, I pick up my guitar and i really cannot be bothered with it. I feel completely uninspired and unmotivated to play, which isnt helped by the fact that i play in 2 bands. I find it very diffcult to sit down and practice playing for a long period of time, and theory does not seem to stick. Im on a huge confidence downer right now and dont really know what to do. any suggestions?? all welcome. thanks.
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Ok, ignore the theory for the time being, if it doesnt stick right now, maybe its something you will pick up when your more interested in it.

next, perhaps your overworking yourself, being in 2 bands and all. Try having a little rest, then coming back to the guitar.

Find some new bands you like, try to get inspired by listening to other people play on the guitar.

I know whenever I feel like having a 'hiatus' I stick Alter Bridge on, listen to the whole albulm, listen to the solos, listen to the lyrics and melody etc and that gives me a huge boost, and all i want to do after it, is go back to my guitar, and play like mad.

If you cant play for hours on end, dont try for the time being. Set aside an hour each day or something, and play for that hour.

Hope it helps.
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Find some new bands you like, try to get inspired by listening to other people play on the guitar..

I think listening is just as important as playing.

And listen to everything, not a certain genre but everything, classical/blues/jazz/punk etc.
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I had that period.
But learning "Glasgow Kiss" helped.
If theres any song that just floors you every time you hear it...try and learn it. Because you like the song so much, thatll give you motivation to work on it.
Then, when you get the song done, you can apply what you learned from it (assuming its a challenging song).

That and listen to good stuff.

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