I thought that there should be a thread where everyone pitches in and tells about a bands tone.

Tell what fx pedals they use or amps they use.

And the most important thing is, tell what settings.

you can add pictures or anything.Have fun.

Post your band or anyone else's bands tone RIGHT Now!
AMP: Peavey Classic 30, on clean, bass and treble full with mids at 6

Boss DS1 : dist set at lowest, tone at 10:00 level full

Tubescreamer: drive at lowest, tone at 3:00 level at 12:00

Zoom 606 : just to eq and compress, and a little reverb. also use the stack amp simulator

thats it, i guess its a pretty unique modern tone, if anyones heard of the band "Strangeface'
its similar to theirs.
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i find using the tubescreamer and the DS1 together really works well. U get a lot more sustain without to much gain. They really compliment each other, the DS1 can be a bit muddy and the Tubescreamer is bright but has no balls
Kurt Cobain
Gain - 7
Treble - 7
Mid - 4
Bass - 3
Reverb - 1

Come as you are
chorus(even though he used a small stone or whatever)

Boss ch-5(i think) chorus ensemble

depth and both filter bottons: all the way to the right

Rate: pointing directly straight up

The settings will sound totally different on all amps. All of these "Settings threads" are completely retarded. Use your ears and learn how to dial in an amp.